Comprehensive List of Top Five Best Goalkeepers in the World as At 2022

When it comes to soccer teams, goalkeepers are often hailed as unsung heroes. This position is critical for any given team since they can steal a match with a single save or make a deadly error that loses the whole team the match entirely. This is unlike casino games such as roulette online, where everything you do is vital.

Nevertheless, the issue remains: who are the greatest goalkeepers in global history. As of 2022, the following is a ranking of the world’s top 5 goalkeepers. 

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Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

In goalkeeping, Marc-Andre ter Stegen is widely regarded as one of the best. He has a remarkable save rate.

He is unlikely to appear in many highlight reels, but he is a fierce defender who prevents the ball from entering his goal and can rescue wins for FC Barcelona, who would be unable to compete without him.

Thibaut Courtois 

Belgian professional soccer player and Courtois protégé, the goalie for Chelsea in the Premier League and the Belgium national team, is also a professional goalkeeper. Thibaut made his senior debut for Genk in 2008 before joining Chelsea the following year.

Three seasons were spent on loan at Atletico Madrid, where he won the Europa League last year. Real Madrid eventually hired him, and he won the Champions League in his debut season with the club in 2012.

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Ederson Santana de Moraes

Goalkeeper Ederson Santana de Moraes is perhaps most known for his accomplishments on the field of battle. With Manchester City as their first-choice goalie, the goalkeeper is a member of the Premier League.

In addition to his clean sheets, he is renowned for his amazing saves. During the 2019-20 Premier League season, he was awarded the Golden Glove Award for being the top goalkeeper.

Alisson Becker

Take a look at one of the most talented football goalkeepers of 2022! It’s possible to meet the third most expensive signing in Real Madrid’s football club’s history if you cannot make it happen. Becker is a Brazilian goalkeeper 29 years old. 

Among the superb global players at preventing goals from entering his net, he is regarded as one of the best. Most people nowadays, though, consider that to be simply… football statistics.

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Mike Maignan

It is extremely remarkable that a squad contending for a Champions League berth has only conceded 21 goals in 38 games. What did Mike Maignan’s skill level look like. 

Among goalkeepers who have made at least 20 league appearances this season, his save percentage of 79.4 percent is the best. Only goalkeepers who have played more than 20 games in the same era have the greatest clean sheet percentage (21 percent).


It’s never been more enjoyable to watch football than it is now. One of the most effective maneuvers is one that the opponent never notices. Your knowledge of the top 5 greatest goalkeepers in the world as of 2022 has been updated, and you are now fully prepared. 

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