Clubs with Most English League Titles Won

Currently there are twenty teams that make up the Premier League, one of the most powerful in the world and the one with the most economic potential today. It has originated from the English first division championship and has been instituted under this name since 1992-1993. Back then, it was Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United that was played by twenty-two teams. But after rebranding, there are twenty who have been competing for many years in the highest English category.

Below we present the national organizations with the most league titles under the Premier League brand.

Manchester United (20)

As we have said earlier, since the old English First Division became the Premier League in the early 90s, seven different organizations have lifted the trophy during the past 29 years. Out of all, Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United underlined their dominance in the domestic league by winning it for the next three seasons in a row. This national team is a clear favorite when it comes to online sports betting markets and contests.

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Following their rebranding, Manchester United stunned the other 21 opposition teams in the 1993 competition and clinched the trophy with two games left to go. Even more impressively, Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad defended their title the next year, finishing ahead of Blackburn Rovers by a six-point margin, not even a loss to Liverpool on the finale of the 10th edition could throw off their superb display.

Liverpool (19)

Liverpool is the second club in history that has won the regular championship in England the most times. The reds have a curiosity in their track record: they only have one trophy with the name of Premier League, which was won in 2019-20.

Liverpool is one of the most important teams in English football, having been dominant in several eras of its history. Ironically, of their 19 league championships, they only have one trophy with the name of Premier League, which was won in 2019-20.

Arsenal (13)

The podium is closed by Arsenal, a club that has 46 English titles. Out of them, there are 13 First Division; the most recent tournament as champions was that of 2003-04, when they finished undefeated. Without any doubt, the Gunners is the most important England team in the history of English football and has had several dynasties over more than 130 years since its founding.

Everton (9)

So to say, Liverpool is a land of football and has two teams in the top 4 of historical English football. With this in mind and despite the fact that Everton has not been able to appear in a great way in the last three decades, its status as Liverpool’s second most important team is undeniable.  Everton is a classic and fights to be champion of England again.

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Among The Black Watch’s nine league titles, the most recent of them arrived in 1986-87. These include 1891, 1915, 1928, 1932, 1939, 1963, 1970, 1985, and 1987. There is a curious moment that so far, the club doesn’t have any Premier.

Manchester City (8)

This is a traditional team in English football and although only in the last decade it has emerged as a winning institution, the blue sky team has dominated in the last ten years of English football. To be precise, five of its seven titles have been in the past decade.

All in all, Manchester City F.C. already has eight championship First Division trophies. The leagues of the citizens were taken in 1937, 1968, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022. More so, the club is widely considered the current monarchs of the EPL after being crowned in 2021/22.

Aston Villa (7)

Aston Villa was a big team at the end of the 19th century, a club feared in English football. Because of that, it is considered one of the oldest and most successful teams in England, having won the First Division Championship seven times and the FA Cup as many times. He also won the European Cup in 1982, currently known as the UEFA Champions League. All this makes it considered the sixth English team with the highest number of important trophies won.

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The club was champion again in the eighties, the only league title in color of the villains. Aston Villa’s titles were scored in 1894, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1910, and 1981, so far.

Chelsea (6)

In recent years it has become more common to talk about the London neighborhood Chelsea due to the football organization, Chelsea Football Club. The latter is based in the mythical Stamford Bridge arena and has taken a greater role in the world football professional scene. Chelsea has won six league titles, five of which have been First Divisional. Out of them, however, only one league in the 20th century. The years of champions were 1955, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2015 and 2017. Likewise Everton, there is a curious moment that so far, the club doesn’t have any Premier.


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