Can anyone catch Manchester City this season?

Can Anyone Catch Manchester City this Season?

Manchester City has been on fire these past few years. They’ve absolutely dominated the English Premier League, taking the number one spot three seasons in a row. Not to mention, in the past six years, Manchester City has won the title five times.

In the 2023/24 season, that only recently began, City are already ranked in the top three, with only one game played, and one victory. If they manage to win the title, they will become the first English football club to win four leagues in a row. The question is, can they do it, or will somebody inevitably catch up to Sky Blues?

Can Manchester City Do It?

Manchester City are the absolute stars of English football right now. They’ve won three Premier Leagues in a row, and they seem revved up and ready to win their fourth. So far, only one game of the new season has been played. And Manchester City won their first game against Burnley. In all fairness, the Sky Blues’ victory was all but set in stone, at least according to most online sportsbooks.

Speaking of which, let us look at the bookies’ general consensus regarding City’s victory. If we take a look at most betting sites online, we will find that most have set some very positive odds in Manchester City’s favour. It seems that bookmakers, fans, and pundits are all convinced that the Citizens will, indeed, make history and become the first English team to win four titles in a row.

Who Can Stand Up to City?

The odds that City defend their title are quite high. While there are plenty of fans who are supporting other clubs, there aren’t many who can stand up to Manchester City. However, there are certainly some teams who are looking to dethrone the champions. Chief among them is Arsenal.

For those who missed out on the last season, Arsenal were in the lead for a vast majority of the season. They held the number one spot, with Manchester City chasing them throughout 2022 and 2023. However, in just the last weeks of the EPL, the Citizens managed to overtake the Gunners, after a few blunders in their last few games.

Some sportsbooks are predicting that Arsenal are coming back, hungry for victory. Like Manchester City, the Gunners have one victory under their belt thus far. In their game against Nottingham Forest, the club scored two goals, placing them in the fourth spot, just below Manchester City.

Another club that has gotten some attention is Liverpool. Apart from Manchester City, Liverpool are the only club to have won the Premier League in the past five years. So, it isn’t surprising that many online sportsbooks are placing quite a bit of faith in them.


Manchester City are currently the most successful English club. Their tenacity and track record have earned them national, as well as international respect. They remain favourites to win the Premier League. However, that doesn’t mean they are unbeatable. There is a chance that the club will be dethroned this year round. Whether that will happen remains to be seen.

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