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Best Football Betting Strategies for 2021

The football season has kicked into a higher gear with most leagues past halfway. Those teams that want to avoid relegation, and those that are looking for silverware, know the stakes are getting higher. It is a good time for football punters looking to make a few bets. Are you yet to work out a winning strategy? Here are some strategies you could try for the rest of the season. 

Matched Bets Strategy 

There are hundreds of welcome bonuses offered at different sportsbooks online. In matched betting, you take advantage of these offers to make bets that cannot fail. For this strategy to work, you will need a betting exchange with the same betting market. 

You place a back bet using the free bet on the sportsbook. For example, bet that Barcelona will win. You will then cover this bet on the betting exchange with a lay bet. This bet will be the opposite of your back bet. Here, you bet Barcelona will lose. With your bet covered, you win regardless of the outcome. 

You can use a matched betting calculator to calculate the stake you need for each side of the bet. Matched betting works, but you can do it only once per sportsbook.

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Arbitrage or arb betting takes advantage of the differences between bookmaker odds. You will cover all the outcomes of a game, guaranteeing a profit, whichever the outcome.  That’s why arb bets are also called sure bets. Here is an example of an arb bet:

  • Barcelona odds –  1.3 at Betfair and 1.42 at Betwin
  • Valencia odds – 3.93 at Betfair and  2.9 at Betwin

if you bet £100 on Barcelona at 1.42, it would return us £142 if they won the match. By placing £36.13 on Valencia at 3.93, you would match the expected return of the Barcelona bet (or about £141.99). In total, you would stake £136.13 for a guaranteed return of £5.86 (141.99 – 136.13).

The products from RebelBetting offers different football betting strategies that you can use, like value betting and sure betting. 

Odds Boost Strategy 

Boosted odds are common incentives on many sportsbooks. These boosts usually happen on unpopular games or on slow days. Sometimes these boosts can be significant to turn a tidy profit. If a game gets a boost from 1.25 to 1.55, you have a clean 30% profit. If you stake £100, you get £30. Boosted odds work even better if you stack two or three games in an acca. 

Kelly Criterion 

The Kelly Criterion is a risk management strategy borrowed by punters from the financial world. This is not a strategy to ensure more wins, but to ensure that you do not bust your bankroll. The strategy uses the premise that the variation between odds and probability determines the stake size. 

You start by calculating the value of the odds, which then helps you calculate the size of the stake or overlay. The Kelly criterion works very well for financial discipline. You will be staking minus emotions, meaning your risks are manageable and fiscal discipline enforced.

System Bets 

System bets are a way of covering multiple bets so that when some bets lose, the whole bet slip does not lose. It is the safer alternative to an accumulator or parlay bet, which loses the whole bet slip when one bet is lost. 

Say you have these teams on your bet slip; Stoke vs Watford, Bristol vs Reading, and Luton vs Cardiff. Instead of staking an acca of three games, you could opt to play doubles. That would make three separate betting lines. If one line loses, you win the other two. But you must stake on each line 

You need a working strategy if you need to keep winning and growing your bankroll. Try each of these strategies for the perfect combination and start winning.

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