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Account Verification on OdiBets: How It Works?

Every African bettor has probably already heard about the OdiBets betting platform. This website was launched in Kenya in 2018 and hasn’t stopped expanding since. The platform provides great betting opportunities for youngsters as well as for old-school bettors by being a very simple-to-understand betting site with numerous options and features. 

At the moment, OdiBets is probably one of the leading online betting sites accessible in Kenya and one of the most visited on the whole African continent. And if you have made up your mind and are willing to join the platform, then we should definitely inform you about Odibet account verification. Let’s go!

What Is Account Verification?

Everybody knows that to profit from a bookmaker’s online services, it is necessary to register on the website first. However, even though the registration procedure is usually quite rapid and simple, it may sometimes require specific verification from the company’s staff and other personal data.

This procedure was made to prevent fraudulent accounts from being created on sports betting websites and to manage the legality of members joining the platforms. Most betting platforms have strict regulations regarding sports bettors’ age, which means that if you are under the age of 18 or 21, depending on the country you reside in, you will likely be banned from the platform. 

Account verification’s goal is also to verify the personal information you provide during registration to determine whether or not you are a real person and not trying to cheat on the website.

1# OdiBets Verification

Now that you have familiarized yourself with what an account verification procedure is, we may go deeper into this subject by analyzing the process on OdiBets.

Verifying your account on the platform is usually done in two steps, the first step is to verify the phone number given during registration by sending an SMS code, and the second step is to verify the documents you provide after registration. 

Here is a list of the necessary information you will need to provide in order to verify your personal account on the platform. 


  • A photo of your ID, passport, or driving license;
  • A confirmation of your location, including your address;
  • A copy of your most recent utility bill from the bank.


Such things as bills are usually asked in critical situations or when your account is suspected to be either fraudulent or threatening to the platform. These documents should confirm that the details you provided are not fake and will permit you to profit freely from the platform. In the event that any of the requested documents are not provided, the company has the right to block your account and restrict any activity on the website. 

2# Successful Verification Criteria

After reviewing the verification steps, we should definitely give you a quick tour of the elements that will permit you to register on the platform and validate your information without any problem. Let’s take a look at the criteria that will guarantee you a successful account verification!


  • Having the legal betting age;
  • Providing only accurate information; 
  • Not trying to cheat on the platform or dodge providing data;
  • Providing only a real telephone number that is able to receive SMS text messages.


Not many bettors know about this method, but it is often really convenient for those who prefer using their mobile phone. If you are joining the website from Kenya, then you definitely have to test this!


  1. Open the SMS tab on your mobile phone.
  2. Send the word ‘ODI’ to the 29680 number.
  3. Reply with your PIN.
  4. Wait for validation.

3# Tips

Since the verification process may be quite tricky, we suggest taking a look at an array of tips developed by our experts that will facilitate the procedure and help you not forget important details.


To conclude, we may recommend that you always be very careful during the registration and verification process and always take these procedures seriously. The smallest foolish mistake could make all your activity on the website just vanish and disappear into nowhere if you provide incorrect information.

Always double-check before providing some data on the platform, and always verify that all your documents are up to date.

You may verify your personal account using different methods, and usually validating it via an SMS verification code will suffice, but in case your account gets suspected, be ready to provide any requested information.

If you carefully follow all the instructions and verification steps and don’t show signs of fraudulent activity on your account, then you will not have any problem profiting freely from the amazing OdiBets platform. Good luck!

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