A Look at Five Teams That Could Threaten Manchester City at the Top of the Table

The Premier League has kicked off, and there is much that fans have to take in. We have seen plenty of exciting matches with underdogs triumphing over favourites and players beating the odds to score incredible goals. One predictable result has been the dominance of Manchester City, who sits atop the table at the start of the year. Many fans and gambling enthusiasts think the odds of them remaining in that spot for the end of the year are high.

While Manchester City’s success seems inevitable, some teams have a good chance of threatening them for the top of the table. Several talented teams have either gotten off to good starts or have the skill to turn things around. Let’s look at the five teams that could threaten Manchester City for the top spot in the standings.


Liverpool seems like a team that many sports betting sites have a lot of faith in. Liverpool’s season has gotten off to a strong start, with several strong showings. Their new-look midfield is dangerous, and their talented forwards can still fill the back of the net. While some were wondering if, after a disappointing season last year, they might continue to backslide. Luckily for their fans, that doesn’t seem likely to be the case. Liverpool will have their work cut out to match Manchester City’s performance, but they could be up to the task. 

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Arsenal was at the top of the table for much of last year before finally yielding to Manchester City late in the season. This year, expectations were sky-high. Through only a few games, Arsenal seems like they’ll have a solid chance of meeting those expectations. They added talent to their young group, with players like Declan Rice adding a steady presence that is much needed. Bukayo Saka remains one of the league’s top players, and through only a few games, Arsenal has shown their teeth. While some believe Liverpool has a superior chance, Arsenal fans disagree.


The odds were incredibly low for Tottenham as they entered the season. Tottenham had just lost their longtime star as Harry Kane left for Munich. They had a first-year manager who was untested in the Premier League. It seemed they were due for a rough go. However, Tottenham has looked like one of England’s top clubs. They’ve triumphed over Manchester City, scored goals in bunches, and have played an edgy, aggressive style that has translated to results. Will teams start to figure out Ange Postecoglou’s tactics? Who knows. For now, it is working.

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The odds of Brighton actually catching up with Manchester City are quite low. However, it is not impossible. We have seen crazier things happen in the Premier League, and Brighton is way more talented than some fans give them credit for. So far, they have been one of the league’s top teams, with a surprising thumping of Newcastle that showed fans they were here to stay. Brighton has several players who have been filling the back of the net, but keeping pace with the league’s top clubs may be tough. 

Manchester United

Manchester City’s rise has corresponded with Manchester United falling to the wayside. Could this be the year things revert back to the previous status quo? It looks unlikely thus far, with United slogging in tough losses to Arsenal and Tottenham. But United remain one of the most talented teams in the country, with players like Rasmus Hojlund and Sofyan Amrabat offering plenty of excitement. They will need to increase their level of performance to rival the super-squad of Manchester City, but the season is young, and United has plenty of talent.

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