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9 Best Kodi Football Add-ons to Know About

If you’re an ardent supporter of football then Kodi without a doubt is one of the best options to watch your favorite football players in action from kickstart to a timeout. Regarded as the world wide sport, football is loved by all 6 continents. 

In addition to the fact that it is played globally, countless people enjoy watching it every day as well.  Its tremendous popularity explains why it is constantly shown on almost every sports channel.   

The majority of these networks however are pay-and-access only. Nevertheless, Kodi allows you to access all of these commercial and unpaid channels and stream football whenever you want. Today’s guide is here to inform you of the top Kodi add-ons to enjoy watching football. Continue reading to learn more about the add-ons.

  • Halow Live TV 

Halow Live TV is among the best Kodi football add-ons to enjoy high definition live football streams from across the world. You get unlimited access to a wide variety of athletic events from every part of globe thanks to the add-on’s fantastic library of broadcasters. Catch all of your favorite football players in action with Halow Live TV, and enjoy the most recent events in real time.

  • SportsDevil 

SportsDevil is the most established and effective third-party extension. It provides streaming connections to different media sources. 

It has a new edition for 2020 and continues to be upgraded over the course of time. With this, you can enjoy live athletic events of all kinds, such as the NFL games, in addition to live football.

To watch your preferred sporting event live on Kodi, select from a selection of providers. However keep in mind that you must set up a VPN on your Kodi device to be able to watch content on SportsDevil without any limits or problems with the law.

  • BBC iPlayer 

iPlayer WWW is a BBC approved sports extension that enables you to experience live mobile streaming. You can easily stream football on Kodi by using iPlayer WWW. 

Since iPlayer WWW is only accessible in the UK, you must use a VPN to get around geo-restrictions and enjoy live football matches. You do not need a BBC membership, though you will need one to stream content from iPlayer WWW.

  • DC Sports

DC Sports also ranks among the best Kodi add-ons. It is an excellent resource for keeping up with the most recent football news worldwide. While you are watching live football, many of its 47 channels broadcast in high definition, providing you a lasting memory. You won’t ever again want to skip a football game. 

  • SportHD 

Being in the list of Kodi PPV addons, SportHD takes a slightly different approach when it comes to offering live pay-per-view and sporting events. Live Events, Sports and Best League are its 3 main categories. 

The first category, Live Events is an inventory of all live events that are taking place worldwide, sorted by time and date. There is a different subdirectory in the following section for each athletic activity, such as football, boxing, and wrestling. 

The top sports leagues worldwide are included in the folder containing sub-sections, which is the Best Leagues. For example, you can choose football from the SPORTS section if you want to watch a football pay-per-view competition. Pick the event and prepare your popcorn.

  • Cerebro IPTV+ 

Another well-liked add-on that provides Kodi users with access to a variety of streaming media is Cerebro IPTV+. You can access films, TV shows and live sports networks from all over the world instantaneously. Activate a VPN prior to downloading Cerebro IPTV+, as per guidance to avoid any legal troubles. 

  • UK Turk Playlists 

Without a doubt, UK Turk Playlists belongs to the top Kodi add-ons for live sporting events. The extension has a distinctive grid-like design that appears to be the result of the developers’ diligent work. 

It is one of the older add-ons that are still functional is UK Turk. On Kodi, you may quickly watch live football without making any preparations.

  • Castaways 

In recognition of the vast selection of athletic programming that Castaways provides, it has become an extremely popular add-on among Kodi users. Thus, it follows that Castaway will undoubtedly provide football streaming. Using the Castaway extension for Kodi, you can watch live streams of the EPL, UCL, Bundesliga, and numerous other football competitions.

  • BoB Unleashed 

Bob Unleashed is definitely worthwhile a try if you’re looking for a Kodi football plugin that delivers you an unparalleled live streaming experience when watching football with Kodi. Using your TV box, you can watch live football in excellent resolution alongside all the other major leagues. The vast selection of listed platforms, a number of which even include HD footage, is the best feature of this football add-on.

Final Word 

Once you’ve installed the add-on you like, you can easily watch live football broadcasts of all your desired leagues while keeping up with your favorite football stars. Discover everything regarding football with Kodi ranging from the post-match analyses of the most spectacular matchups to live broadcasts.


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