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5 Football Legends Who Love Horse Racing

The fact that athletes specialize in one sport does not mean they automatically lose interest in other ones. We constantly see it all over the industry but today, we are focusing on football.

Frankly speaking, football is a very engaging sport for players, meaning that they have to give it their all, in terms of showing up all the time. So, it is no surprise that most of them don’t fully go public with their other interests until they hang their boots.

Here, we are going to look at five football legends who have an unusually keen interest in horse racing. Some of them even go as far as owning stables and actively racing and training with professional racers.

If you love some of these legends, it won’t harm to know what they do outside of football. And if you think horse racing isn’t exciting like football, check out the fastest Kentucky Derby times and see for yourself. That said, let’s jump into the action immediately.

Ian Wright

Ian Wright is well-known as a prolific Arsenal legend that scored 185 goals in 288 games for the gunners. After finally retiring from football, Wright did not leave the spotlight.

He took on the profession of a football pundit and excelled in it. And while his football punditry has earned him a global audience, what people don’t know is his love for horses.

In fact, Wright is in joint ownership of Crowd Racing Partnership, a fairly successful horse racing club. That alone gives away the former Gunner’s passion for horse racing.

Michael Owen

Michael Owen is no stranger to football legend conversations as he had a successful career. Apart from the big clubs he played for, the striker also won the Ballon d’Or in 2001 which further solidified his name in the history books.

Now retired, the striker owns his stable in Cheshire and he has been running it for over ten years. Not only that, but Owen is also a trainer that owns racehorses and has participated in a few competitive races too.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex will forever be a legend for what he did at Manchester United in his 26-year managerial reign. In his time with them, he set outstanding records and won 38 major trophies.

Knowing how successful Sir Alex Ferguson was with the Red Devils, it will surprise you that he is also heavily involved in horse racing.

Fergie has had links with the horse racing industry for over 20 years and he was a co-owner of Rock of Gibraltar, a superstar horse. The Irish Thoroughbred racehorse was the 2002 European horse of the year after winning eight consecutive group ones that year.

Although he later fell out with the other co-owners (John Magnier and J.P. McManus), it does not matter as he owns several other horses.

David Beckham

Are you a football fan if you don’t recognize David Beckham? Apart from his great career, the Englishman is blessed with a great physique, making him the face of so many brands over the years.

However, the former Manchester United player has also been spotted in several horse racing events all over the world. Apparently, he is also a huge fan of this fast-paced sport.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney had a great career and he won a couple of trophies with Manchester United. After retirement, Rooney became actively involved in horse racing, having some horses to his name.

Although some may argue that his horse racing career is not as successful as that of his football career, it does not change the fact that he is passionate about it. He is yet to have a winner with his horses but at this pace, it might change in the near future.

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