3 Transfer Rumours for this Year

Who’s going where, when, why, and for how much is always a great topic of discussion for those that follow a football team or have a favorite player. The players that your team can buy and which players they sell to be able to do so make a huge difference to how they will perform on the pitch. It is thus the news that we all want to know and keep abreast of. This is a brief insight into the latest transfer news and views, focusing on three transfer rumors that we should all have heard or read about by now.

Three major transfers/players that we all want

Jude Bellingham:- The current England international who plays in Germany as the captain of Borussia Dortmund has become one of the most sought-after talents in world football. The footballing grapevine has it that he is definitely going to Manchester City. They are the ones that he wants to play with and for, and the fact that Pep Guardiola is still there and intends to be for a while should seal the deal. Lastly, City seems to be the only one who can afford the player.

Alexis Mac Allister:- The World Cup-winning Argentinian who plays for Brighton Hove Albion is being spoken about in relation to a big club move. And the clubs he is associated with are Juventus and Manchester United, one of them is sure to get him, and Brighton will be incredibly sad to see him go.

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Eric Dier:- He has indeed noted how happy he is to play at Tottenham. However, the fact that they haven’t won anything since his move from Portugal means that any number of the biggest clubs in the world that have been winning and want him may be able to lure him away.

These are the known players that everyone is talking about

Then there are the younger, unproven stars such as Notts Forests’ Brennan Johnson, or the Dutch footballer Ryan Gravenberch who everyone wants to buy cheap and is keeping an eye on.

Rather than paying too much mind to the rumors, look for something else to keep you entertained and away from the football gossip.

Find a hobby

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Write for your local discussion forum

Having ideas about the various rumors out there, one of the best ways to interact with these is to post your thoughts on the matter.

The transfer rumors, as discussed here, are those that everyone is writing and talking about, and that very well might happen. However, the best advice is to wait for your club to unveil your new players and then to see them perform on the field of play.

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