3 Big EPL Transfers We May See In 2022

There is so much promise within the EPL at the moment, and teams everywhere are now looking to try and capitalise on this opportunity as much as possible. 

With the next transfer window being just around the corner, there have already been a plethora of theories and rumours about what events might be taking place, and fans everywhere are excited to see where their favourite football player may end up. 

In this article, we will be looking at three big EPL transfers that we may see happen in 2022, as well as talking about why some of the players we will mention may not end up where you’d expect. 

Renato Sanches 

Renato Sanches is one of the biggest names in the premier league at the minute, and several world-class teams have had no problems letting their intentions be known about how interested they are.

Renato has been performing exceptionally well throughout these last few seasons, and in reality, he has been a pretty consistent player throughout his whole career. 

There are current rumours stating that Liverpool may sign Renato Sanches in the near future, and if this does take place, fans everywhere will be overwhelmed with joy.

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There is no doubt in the back of anyone’s minds as to how much of a positive effect Renato would be able to have at Liverpool, and he would fit right in with their current team. 

Renato is an incredibly well-rounded player, being able to perform almost all functions at a top-tier level. 

Whichever team ends up getting their hands on him is going to be in for a good time, and it is likely that Renato is going to have his pick of legendary sides. 

Ibrahim Sangare 

If you have an interest in premier league betting, then you will likely be familiar with the name Ibrahim Sangare. 

This promising player has been tearing it up at the moment in the premier league, and it is almost guaranteed that some high-level teams are going to be fighting to get him on their side. 

Similar to Renato, Ibrahim Sangare is an extraordinarily well-formed player, and there are few aspects of football of which he is not a master. 

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Once Ibrahim is able to meld himself into a team, he is able to make a huge difference on the outcome of any game, and given the time to grow as a player, Ibrahim will no doubt become one of the best players ever. 

Any team that manages to grab Ibrahim is going to gain access to one of the best current players in the premier league, and there are few footballers careers that are looking as promising as Ibrahim’s.

Diego Carlos 

We may have saved the best for last. 

Diego Carlos truly is all the rage at the minute, and teams are literally falling over themselves to try and get ahold of this promising player.

Diego almost always increases the odds for whichever team he is playing for on 10bet, and if you have any doubt about the legitimacy of these predictions, then feel free to check out any 10bet review.

Every reputable betting site has a field day when it comes to Diego Carlos, and excited fans cannot wait to see Diego in action. 

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Not only is Diego a hit both with fans and at the bookies, but he is also on the watchlists of many teams. 

Both Tottenham and Newcastle are trying to sign Diego at the moment, and only time will tell which one he will decide to sign with. 

In fact, with the level of demand that is out there for Diego out now, it would not be a surprise to see even more teams play their hands in an attempt to sign Diego, and the number of teams out there that would not willingly welcome him into their ranks are slim to none. 

Diego is one of the best players the premier league has ever seen, and nobody knows the true extent to how infamous he will become. 

2022 truly is looking to be an exciting year for EPL transfers, and even if only one of the players we mentioned on this list happens to venture outwards, it will be big news. 

There are many others who could have been on this list, and there are an endless number of other rumours out there that cite even bigger transfers to be in the works. 

Who knows what’s actually going to happen. Either way, it’s going to be an action-packed year. 

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