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Writer Tips

Here are a few tips to improve the quality of your writing. You are welcome!

Tags and Categories

In order to make our homepage look the way we want it, with no post duplicated in different categories, please only select one category. So if you write a transfer story, select ‘transfer rumours’ if you write a Match Report, select the competition the game was played, ie, ‘Premier League’ etc.

Likewise, please fill in the appropriate tags. These can be typed manually or selected from the ‘most used’ list. Generally, you only need to fill the club’s names (in full) as well as any player that is an important feature within the article.

Yoast SEO

When you have written your article, please scroll down the page to find the box ‘Yoast SEO’. Once you have found it, please fill in a short description of the article. This will be what is displayed within google news and help attract readers to the blog. It should be filled with word that would be frequently typed on search engines.

‘WP to Twitter’

You will also see a box called WP to Twitter. This is a plugin that we have installed that Auto Tweets your articles to our twitter account. Quite simply, don’t touch it!

Our social media team will decide what posts are posted to our various Social Media platforms.


Use English

This might sound silly, but bare with us. We ask you to use a proper standard of written English, and we ask that you use English spellings, rather than American. Please check you use colour not color, rumour not rumor, recognise and not recognize, etc.


Credit where credit is due

Generally, when writing an article about a transfer rumour, or a piece of news, you will be referencing another article. You absolutely must give them credit, as well as provide a link back to their website.

For example, “According to Football Faithful, the striker will sign a new £XXmillion deal with XXX”

On the subject of linking, it is good practice to try and include one or two links in each article.

For example, if a player signed the new contract you may choose to write something like “the player had recently been linked with a move to XXX”. This particular sentence would be a good place to insert a link, either internal or external.

Article Formatting


Firstly, the title. Please don’t capitalise every word. It’s not right, and looks unprofessional. Only capitalise the words that should be capitalised.

A reminder of the most appropriate capitalisation rules.

  • Names/Nicknames
  • Places
  • The first word of a sentence
  • Brand names
  • Companies (of which football clubs are)
  • Days of the week/Months of the Year.


For numbers between one and nine, please write the number. E.g “Özil only has one year remaining on his current deal.”

For numbers greater than 10, you can write the numerical version E.g “Özil only has 12 months remaining on his current deal”


When choosing a title, choose one that is catchy. Make sure it is something that you would be tempted to click on yourself.

Try to make sure it is no longer than 15 words.


Keep your paragraphs short to make them more easy on the eye. Nobody wants to open a page and be presented by huge blocks of text.

Your opening paragraph should be more of a subheading rather than the start of the article. It needs to entice the reader to read further.

Title: Five reasons why Man Utd should sign Paul Pogba this summer.

Subheading: Manchester United have been linked with a big move for Paul Pogba this summer. Here are five reasons why Jose Mourinho should splash the cash on the midfielder.

Once you have written your first paragraph, make it Bold, and click the ‘more’ button which is located to the right of the buttons to insert a link.

Also, if you are writing a longer article, please include some subtitles to break up the content into sections.



It goes without saying, but plagiarism is not tolerated  at Football Faithful. Any writer found to be simply copying and pasting material will have their account deleted without warning. All articles on the Football Faithful should be original and not be available anywhere else.


We would appreciate it if you added the advertising short code within the text of the article which will trigger a pop up google advertisement, one of the ways we help to keep the blog running. To do this simply type:

[ ads1 ] (without the spaces)

Example articles

If you are writing a Match Preview, we ask our writers to write it like you can find in this example: Match Preview

Match Reports should be like this: Match Report