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New User Guide

Welcome to Football Faithful. We would like to officially thank you for joining our team. We hope that you enjoy being a part of our team, which over time will grow and allow us to even more fantastic things.

Getting Started

At the time of reading this, you should have received an email from us confirming your username. If you haven’t yet seen this email, please check in your Junk/Spam folders. Follow the link on the email and choose a password for yourself, something strong, secure and memorable.

You can then login to the admin panel. Please ensure that you select “login with username and password”!


Once logged into the admin panel, you can complete the set up of your profile. Add the links to your Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media accounts. This will help you to get the public credit that you deserve for the writing you are about to do.

We also encourage you to add a profile picture via ‘Gravatar’. A service that allows you to create one profile remotely that can be used across a variety of different sites.

After this, you are almost good to start writing.

You are able to visit our new Writers Zone, an area for you, our writers to find out the latest news, hints and tips. It is your one stop portal with all the necessary links for you.


How we work

So you have joined Football Faithful to write, right? Of course you have, so let’s get going.

As you should be aware from when you applied to join us, we ask all of our writer to write a minimum of one article per week, but we encourage our writers to write as often as possible. This article will either be an article relating to your clubs matches, or an opinion piece.

We have three types of Match articles, a Preview, a Report, or ‘5 things we learned/5 talking points’ Assuming your team plays one game per week, your second request will be an opinion piece.

Match Previews should be completed at least 24 hours before the match, whilst Match Reports should be completed as soon after the match as possible and should not be submitted later than 24 hours after kick off!

An Featured Article is precisely what it says. It’s can be a whole host of things. It can be opinions, thoughts, analysis, or whatever you would like to write about.

It can be positive, negative, ponderous or thought provoking. Whatever is on your mind, we would love you to write about it.

The best featured articles are ones that are engaging. Think about what you would maybe click on to read for yourself. Something that asks a question. Something that is controversial or maybe something that gives an explanation to why things are happening the way they are. If possible, include facts and stats, comparing managers/players to other players or their own previous stats to give your article more validity to the reader.

These are the pieces that will generate the most interest and will make it easier for us and yourself to be able to ‘sell’ your piece to the audience online!

We ask for featured articles to be in excess of 500 words.

You may also decide to write an additional articles that could be Transfer News or News/Club News. These articles should be in excess of 250 words.

You will can find a list of the articles you are requested by following this link. We recommend you save this in your bookmarks.


Lets get writing

Firstly, we recommend using Microsoft Word to initially write your article. This will ensure there are no spelling mistakes or grammar issues within your writing.

  • Once you have written your article, you will need to copy and paste it into the blog. This is done by logging into the Admin Panel. Click the ‘+’ at the top of the page and then click ‘Post’.
  • Now this part is important. On the top right of the text box you will see two tabs. Visual and Text. Select Text! (This prevents any formatting and spacing issues)
  • Then Copy your article from Word, and Paste it into the main HTML text box.
  • You may then re-select the ‘visual’ tab, where you can add pictures from the Getty library if you so wish. If not, don’t worry, an editor can do this for you.
  • Select the appropriate Categories and Tags on the right hand side and you can then go ahead and submit your article.

After that, your part is done. An editor will review your work and add any images if necessary before posting. Match articles will be posted as quickly as possible, where opinion pieces will most likely be posted at a time which will maximise exposure.

For more writing tips, please visit our designated tips page:


Get involved!

Being a part of the Football Faithful team is not just about writing your articles.

Take the time to read our other writers posts, especially the opinion pieces. There really are some wonderful articles submitted that you would enjoy.

Also, get involved on social media.

We need all of our writers to help to social media feeds to grow, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

We ask you to encourage YOUR friends and followers to follow us, as well as you actively pushing your articles to large club blogs, journalists, supporters groups and even players. The aim being to get your writing seen by as many people as possible.

A little work, really does make a difference.

Anything you need, just ask!

So that’s it. That’s all you need to know. Make sure you keep checking the requested articles page to find out what articles we would like you to write each week.

If there is anything that you need from us, or if for some reason you can’t complete the requested articles, please get in touch as quickly as possible. Either send us an email, or a direct message on Facebook or Twitter.

email: admin@thefootballfaithful.com

Facebook: The Football Faithful

Twitter: @FootyFaithful