Five of the best – Paul Pogba goals

Paul Pogba definitely epitomises the saying ‘not a great goal scorer, a scorer of great goals’. He doesn’t score that many, but when he does, they are usually going to be getting edited up to some funk music and stuck on YouTube.

Here are five of his greatest ever goals:

v Udinese

When the ball dropped to Pogba, with the angle against him, nobody expected him to score. But with a swing of his right boot, what happened next was incredible.


v Napoli

When the ball comes to the Frenchman, it appears that his first touch is an absolute shocker, but what he did next was incredible, and leaves me wondering, did he mean that first touch too?


v Napoli (again)

It’s not just his right foot that he scores absolute bangers with, but when the ball dropped to Pogba on his left, he could resist having a go – and what a good job he did!


v Swansea City

Back at Manchester United, Pogba had a slow start to his career back in the the Premier League. But this goal against Swansea City showed just exactly what he can do. Started by Pogba, and definitely finished by Pogba!


v Fenerbahce

In a key Europa League tie against Fenerbahce, Pogba had already opened the scoring from the spot, but this first time finish (again from outside the box) was an absolute cracker!

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