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Arsene Wenger – 10 of the best Quotes

Arsene Wenger is the Premier League’s longest serving manager. When he arrived at Arsenal in 1996 he completely reinvented things. From changing players’ lifestyles to signing unknowns from Europe, and France in particular, he changed the face of Football in England forever.

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Pele – 10 greatest quotes

Though most of us have never seen him play, Pele is known for being one of, if not the best player of all time. The argument over who is better, Pele or Maradona, is the original “Ronaldo or Messi” debate we have today. With three World Cup titles to his ...

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Frank Lampard – A Chelsea legend

There are some players you just have to respect. You might not support the team they play for, you might not even have liked the player themselves at some point, you may have even have shouted or sang unsavoury songs about him at games but, through their exploits on the ...

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Paolo Maldini – 10 best quotes

Paolo Maldini is probably the best defender of all time. Those kind of titles get thrown around a lot these days but seriously, Maldini was at another level during his time as a player and it’s hard to think of a player since who is better than he was. He ...

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